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Starting your own suit business has never been easier. Here's how it works.

Member/Representative Plan - $50 per month 

Get any item at wholesale price. Most companies require you to purchase a min. of 12-24 pieces of one specific item, but NOT us. You can order only what you need. Even if it's only one item, you can still get it at the wholesale price for yourself or for your client. We will ship directly to you or your customer with your name or business name on the package. 

Business Owner Plan - 1 Time Payment of $399 & $50 per month 

We will build you a custom website with your company name and ship to you or your customers with your business name on the package. We will update your site for you monthly so you never have to worry about updating your site with new styles. You only worry about selling your brand.

There are no hidden fees or contracts to sign. If you don't feel this business is for you, feel free to cancel at anytime.

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Member/ Representative Plan


  • * $50 Per Month Plan

  • * No Minimum order quanity 

  • * Wholesale Prices on all items

  • * Ship to you or your customer

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Business Owner Plan


  • * One Time (399.99 Setup Fee)

  • * $50 Per Month 

  • * Custom Built Website 
    * Custom Domain Name 
  • * No Minimum order quanity 

  • * Ship all packages with your business name to you or your customer.

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Custom Business Services

Do you need one on one assistance with building your business. We have custom concierge services available. We can help you with the following: Building your brand, setting up business legal documents, create flyers, logos, videos, commercials, business cards, social media management, grow your business following on Facebook, Instagram and much more. Whatever your business needs we can work with you one on one to accomplish your goals. Click the button below to setup a free consultation.